Vision and Mission

Mission Statement of Social Ministry

In the spirit of the Social Mission of the Church, grounded in the Gospel and the Christian Social Teaching and convinced of the social potential of all faiths, ISMM is dedicated to the promotion of social justice and option for the poor through Education, Training and accompaniment of Social Ministers, Research and Advocacy based on the methodology of the Pastoral Cycle.



To become a Centre of Excellence and innovation for ministerial learning and praxis for social transformation to promote human dignity, social justice and sustainable future.



To offer high standards of education that unlocks the potential of every learner to become a life changing agent in society. ISMM pursues this through:

  • Participatory teaching and learning, integrating theory and action,
  • Integration of science and faith,
  • Action oriented research,
  • Outreach and advocacy.

while providing learners with adequate facilities, a conducive learning environment, spiritual guidance.



In the spirit of the social mission of the church, grounded in the gospel and Christian social teaching, and convinced of the social potential of all faiths, ISMM trusts in human beings to transform the world to achieve dignified conditions of life with respect of the common good and environment through:

  • Scientific competence
  • Spirituality and ethics
  • Collaboration and networking


Core Values

The basic assumptions, ethos, and practices characterising the programme are:

  • respect for each and all persons
  • collaborative spirit
  • good stewardship and service
  • ethics and integrity
  • professional competence

The motto: “Social Transformation for Human Dignity and Social Justice” 

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